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Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition Adjustable Standing Desk Review

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition is a full featured height adjustable desk that includes some great capabilities and is a step up from their regular SmartDesk 2 in a few ways. More on that in a minute.

First off, the Business Edition’s biggest change is that it features 2 drive motors, one for each leg, so that the desk is able to move up and down more quickly. This means less time between hitting the button and the desk moving. It may only save a few seconds, but consider adjusting the desk several times a day over the course of a few years…

Well, let’s do the math!

If it saves 2 seconds per use, and we adjust it up and down 3 times per day, that’s 6 total “trips” that the desk makes.

That means it is saving us 12 seconds per day.

Assuming we’re working 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year, that is a total savings of…

50 minutes.

Ok, it’s not that amazing, but it still adds up! And after a little time with this desk, you’ll definitely be using it for more than a year.

Now, on to the additional features of this great sit stand desk.

Desk Capabilities

The SmartDesk 2 Business Edition comes with the ability to lift 300 lbs which is great if you’re going to have dual monitors, your computer, and any additional equipment on top of the desk.

The dual motors will help keep all of this moving quickly and the frame can accept up to an extra large 71 inch wide top.

There is a wide range of desktops available. These include different sizes, colors, and patterns.

Getting Started

When you order your desk and get it delivered you’ll want to have a power screwdriver if possible. It can be done with a hand held screwdriver, but it will take you longer.

Set up is also faster with 2 people, although it can be done by one person. You just layout the pieces, follow the instructions, and plug in the motors to the control board. It should take about 1-2 hours.

Do note that the desk is heavy when completed. Be careful moving it and if possible put it together in the room where it will be used.

What Do You Get?

With your SmartDesk 2 ergonomic desk you get the frame, 2 motors, control board and wiring, power supply, and the control panel that attaches to the front of your desk.

The control panel features 4 programmable adjustment levels as well as a manual up and down button for fine tuning your standing or sitting heights.

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