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Standing desks have been around long enough now that we can safely say they are not a “fad” or a passing trend. These desks are used by individuals in a wide range of jobs to be more productive, healthy, and better situated for the work they are performing.

When it comes to finding the best standing desk for your home office, it’s good to narrow it down using the same general rules that we discuss on the home desk buying guide page.

Let’s review it at a high level in case you haven’t gone through the buying guide page yet:

  1. How will you be using your desk?
  2. Have you measured out your home office space?
  3. What makes sense for you in terms of ergonomics and daily use?

Starting with number 1 – have you thought out how you want to use your sit stand desk? Will it be a temporary use where  you stand for 15-20 minutes once or twice a day?

Are you going to be using it with a laptop or desktop PC? Dual monitors? Monitor and keyboard? Do you want a specific type of desk surface? Any additional equipment or gear? You’ll want to make sure you choose a desk that can safely handle the weight involved.

However, if you just need something to occasionally get you out of your seat, you can get a desk converter that lets you transform your existing desk into an adjustable one.

Also important is measuring your space that is available. Be sure to leave some extra room for cords, chairs, etc. Many of us buy our furniture online these days, but there’s nothing worse than taking delivery of a 100+ lb desk and finding out it doesn’t quite fit…

So, measure your home office space before ordering!

Now, combining all of this together, think about how you will use the desk and what will help you the most. Will you be able to use the chair that you want? Do you have room for a standing mat if you want one?

Will you have everything you need within reach or will you need additional storage? This means you might want a desk with drawers or a small file cabinet, although you could also use a bookcase or cabinet nearby if you don’t mind moving around – just imagine yourself doing this regularly and see if it makes sense.

Standing Desk Options

Many of the options that you will see with adjustable desks involve the following:

  • Hand crank (manual)
  • Powered adjustments via electric motors
  • 1 or 2 motors
  • Weight capacity
  • Desk height and standing height
  • Work surface (wood, plastic, laminate, etc)
  • Keyboard and mouse tray

The good news is that you can find a desk to fit any of your needs, it’s just a matter of taking 2-3 minutes (or more…let’s be honest, it’s fun to look at all of the desks out there) and noting how you want to use your desk, what size you think would work, what size will actually fit, and any accessories or options you need.

For many first time buyers, having the right height adjustability is the most important factor when considering how to buy a standing desk. Make sure the range works for you when sitting and standing. You can use counters and some loose books with your laptop to get a rough idea of how “high” is ideal for you when typing or using your computer.

Now that you know how to get the right desk, start by looking at the reviews below.