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Flexispot Dual Monitor Desk Riser For Standing Review

Ok ok – not everyone is going to go all in with a standing desk right off the bat. Maybe it’s too much of a leap to start with. Or maybe you’ve already got the desk setup you want and just need a riser to get it so you can stand when you want.

Whatever the reason is, the Flexispot Computer Riser system is an option for you.

This rising desk system means that anyone between about 5 feet and 6 feet tall (sorry tall people!) can comfortably put this on their existing desks and use it in a variety of positions. If that range of adjustability works for you then this desktop converter might be the best choice for you.

There are a few interesting, and great, features about this particular desk.

First of all, the top laptop stand is pretty deep so that you can accommodate a couple of monitors, a laptop, maybe that notepad you leave laying around, and a few other odds and ends while you’re at it.

Next, the keyboard tray isn’t the typical tiny ledge that you precariously balance your keyboard and mouse on…it’s pretty deep and has a wide edge just for the mouse.

There’s the obvious health benefits of using a standing or height adjustable standing desk. We’ve talked about this elsewhere but it’s a great way to increase the time spent on your feet and making sure that you’re sitting and standing – not just on your butt all day.


As mentioned, this desk riser system is meant for people around 5 feet to 6 feet tall. So, if you’re much over 6 feet tall this might not be for you. Sad face.

However, if you’re in that sweet spot, this adjustable desk has 12 different height levels that you can adjust it to.

Moving the riser up and down is easy with a single hand system – no forcing or extra pressure needed. Speaking of moving it up and down, this Flexispot riser moves directly up and down, it doesn’t swing out and take up extra space.

The top “tray” is about 41” wide and 23” deep while the bottom footprint is 33” wide and 22” deep.

With these measurements, you’ll be able to have just about any monitor setup that you want. The work surfaces are good sized and will work for most people’s setup. It will easily accommodate a couple monitors and keyboard.

Getting Started

After ordering your Flexispot desk rising system you’ll get it in a pretty good sized package considering it weighs 53 pounds as shipped.

There’s practically no set up required, the keyboard tray simply slides into place and you are good to go. No tools, no Ikea like feats of beating your new purchase into submission!

What Do You Get?

  • Flexispot rising desk system
  • Easy install keyboard tray
  • No tools required

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