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High Back Executive Leather Office Chair by Amazon

If you’re in the market for a high back leather executive office chair and don’t want to break the bank, this might be the best leather executive office chair out there.

As I’m writing this review, my butt is comfortably sitting in this exact chair at my computer desk. It’s comfortable, it’s high backed, the bonded leather can handle me when I’m…ummm…a little sweaty, and it looks pretty good too.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a good high back leather chair and this example from Amazon Basics will work well for many people.

The design is simple and straight to the point. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s plain, but it’s not “overly” done up with buttons, colors, or piping. For myself, and others, this is exactly what we want – something that looks good, is functional, and works well while blending into the office.

As expected, this executive chair comes with rollers or casters for easy movement. They are arranged in the usual 5 point design for good stability underneath the padded seat.

Speaking of the padded seat, the seat is definitely comfortable and the extra padding along the “lip” of the seat is a nice addition to your legs don’t get circulation cut off from a rough or angled edge.


There isn’t a good measure of how long the chair material will last, but with bonded leather, the surface will take a good amount of use and should hold up for years. For the price that you’ll pay for this executive leather office chair, you’re likely going to be impressed. One of the nice “perks” of this chair is the padded arms that feel great and won’t leave you with sore elbows.

While there is not an adjustable lumbar support system, the padding does push out slightly in the lower back area which feels great. Check out the images for details.

The chair is capable of holding 250 pounds, so it’s a little on the light side for weight capacity – if you’re bigger or pushing that limit you might want to look for a bit sturdier chair.

As mentioned, the chair does have casters for easy rolling and can swivel or rotate 360 degrees…so yes, you can roll down a hallway and spin around!

It does have the usual seat height adjustment capabilities and can be moved from about 41 inches to just over 45 inches.

Getting Started

Once you order the chair, it comes partially disassembled. You just need to put a few pieces together using the supplied tool and parts.

It can take some pushing and pulling as it’s a tight fit but overall it’s easier than dealing with Ikea and pretty easy to assemble, so there’s that.

What Do You Get?

In the box that the chair is delivered in you’ll get all of the pieces for the chair, including the small wrench to use to put the bolts into various areas, as well as the little plastic covers to hold the places where you put the bolts in.

That’s really about it – putting the chair together is straightforward and you get everything you need.

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